London Villages

Here comes my next project, one that I will endeavour to complete. This time not alone… with foodie, town connoisseur, never tired feet, tech junkie, cake baker, crafts and arts lover, traveller, iphone photographer and most of all friend Jasmine!

Does the picture above intrigue you? I felt like being in the French quarter of New Orleans, but no… it’s just Portobello road area! Let this journey into the Villages of London begin…

One city – London

One Book –  #London Villages

Passion – #Photography, #Food, #Smells, #Shopping, #Culture

Each week a Village; inspired by the movie #Julie&Julia

As I visit each village the link will be active and you will see pictures and a brief description of the journey! Comments and suggestions welcome!


First week: Marylebone Village

Week two: Shepherd Market

Week three: Connaught Village