Marylebone Village

Followers… it’s Sunday, a sunny and warm day in London and the tourists love it! Residents not as much (maybe I speak for myself!). A quick walk from Baker Street tube station is where this first journey of exploration begins…


An unmissable reference point is ‘the Globe’ pub, to its right you walk down Baker Street.

In the words of Zena Alkayat:

Marylebone has always been a well-to-do area, but the 1990s saw it become something of a fashionable destination. Smart boutiques began to open along its central spine, Marylebone High Street, and several upmarket restaurants soon followed suit.

A must see is the Daunt Books shop, full of character and charm… don’t be fooled by the common unattractive exterior. Like a Narnia’s wardrobe the inside is magical, stylish, with oak bookshelves, but most of all a very well known collection of books specialised in Travel guides as well as fiction.

AP7_5593 AP7_5595

On Sundays there is the very well worth-a- visit farmer’s market! Rent your basket for £1 that you get back unless you wish to donate, do your fresh produce and food shopping for the week (behind the Waitrose shop) and on you go for the rest of your day! YUM


Exit the market via the back and you are in sight of this very stylish and rustic shop: La Fromagerie. Don’t be dismissive and think this is just like any other cheese shop; it’s also fresh produce, pre packed in house food and homeware.

AP7_5613 AP7_5617 AP7_5619

It’s time to upgrade: class and culture! Head towards Manchester square, well perhaps after you quenched your thirst here at The Marylebone (pronounced MA-​​ree-​​li-bən although it still seems to be a dispute!) I did warn you it was time for culture 😉


 On your way you can snap happy at pretty sights of buildings and hidden mews that make for a very picturesque spot… aka selfies!

AP7_5604 AP7_5625  AP7_5626 AP7_5628

You can’t miss the signs… in front of you is the private garden of Manchester square (sadly, I could have done with some shade) and to your left the gates to one of London’s most beautiful collections of art in the gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, building called Hertford House. Ladies and gentlemen, the Wallace collection! Free entry to the breathtaking rooms and a nice al fresco area to have a snack and get your java boost for the rest of the journey!

AP7_5629 AP7_5634 AP7_5638 AP7_5639

Full of jealousy for this magnificent building (I live in a room ) the journey continues with more frivolous intentions. Head to Marylebone lane to visit unique shops in the likes of La Fromagerie. The first one is Paul Rothe & Son (closed on weekends) a cafe selling Deli like products and trading in what during the 1900 was a German Deli.

AP7_5651 AP7_5650

Just across the road from the cafe is a very pretty shop called The Button Queen, here you can get personalised buttons and it’s packed with vintage accessories, a delight to some of you!

AP7_5655 AP7_5654

My journey in this village doesn’t end here as recommended in the London Villages book, I found another little gem… VV Rouleaux a ribbon specialist shop <3

AP7_5657 AP7_5658

Heading back I walked via Cavendish square to Oxford circus stations and snapped these on my way…

AP7_5656 AP7_5649 AP7_5659 AP7_5600

What a fantastic quarter of London this is! Go and visit, I highly recommend it.

I hope you enjoyed this virtual journey and please feel free to comment or ask questions!

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